Marketing Made Simple

Unlike most marketing or business books, it does not register with news from distant gurus. The examples and principles on each page come from real success stories (one of the success stories is on the back and is one of my clients who did what is on the pages of this book. More on that later).

Perhaps the whole book can be distilled in the introductory sentence:

Marketing should be easy and it should work.

Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson, marketing made simple

These eight words set the tone for what follows. Each chapter deals with what to do and how to do it. It is a game plan to create a more effective marketing plan.

What you read is not theory; has been taught and tested by thousands of companies at StoryBrand workshops. And it's the same formula used by hundreds of StoryBrand certified guides and agencies (we are a certified agency) around the world.

Let's break down the introductory sentence.

"Marketing should be easy"

Marketing is usually complicated. Not because it should be, but because people do it that way. Why? Well, there are some possibilities:

External agencies or self-employed people want job security. If it sounds heavy, people are less likely to try it internally.
There is a lot of noise when it comes to marketing, what it is and how it works. This sound is confusing.
There are so many possible strategies and tactics to try. Where do you really start?
There are several, but you understand. Marketing is complicated because we succeed in that way. And because it's easier to get complicated, it's difficult to simplify things. If we strive to make things easier, we will benefit from the latter.

"It should work"

What does "marketing" mean for marketing? Different people give different answers. They can present different values ​​or statistics to follow. Some are helpful, others not. There is really only one statistic you should keep in mind:


In other words: does marketing help you make money? If the answer is not clear YES, your marketing will not work. Your marketing investment should pay off. Follow the path described in Marketing Made Simple and you will discover that marketing can be simple and will work.